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Case study: MSS Environmental

Asbestos management case study


Founded in 2005, MSS aims to take a fresh look at the way support and compliance services are delivered. With more than 400 employees, today’s MSS group offers a range of environmental, facilities and compliance services, from cleaning and security, through radon, fire and water management, to asbestos management and removal.

MSS Environmental is a leading asbestos remediation company, and prides itself on its systems of operation, and a company culture that reflects safety and compliance considerations. MSS Environmental holds a three-year Health and Safety Executive (HSE) asbestos removal licence, and is licensed by National Resources Wales to transport asbestos waste for disposal.


As a major asbestos removal company, MSS delivers large and small contracts with the help of a strong team, sound IT capability, and solid back office support. However, the regulatory overheads of compliance are significant, and in 2017 the company was looking to modernise its processes in a bid to reduce paperwork and streamline its workflows.

MSS appointed a new technical manager for the asbestos team, tasked with modernising key processes. With the next HSE licence inspection due in six months, the initial focus was on recording and demonstrating compliance, but the group also wished to improve the ease and quality of its auditing, trend analysis and training needs analysis.


Assure360 was selected as a solution that could quickly and comprehensively address the group’s needs, and Assure360 worked rapidly, getting MSS up and running to help deliver the process improvements it sought. After inspection, the group’s asbestos removal licence was renewed for the maximum three years – the HSE inspectors had been impressed with the company and with Assure360, with one commenting that he’d been waiting for a system like Assure360 to come along.

Beyond the inspection, Assure360 has continued to support MSS in delivering efficiency and quality improvements. In particular, the system has proven a great tool during supplier audits, where MSS can graphically demonstrate actions and trends without needing to pull out sheaves of paper.

What the client said

Assure360 is very beneficial when it comes to things like personal monitoring, competency and training assessments, in that it simplifies it all and makes it visual. You can just open up the screen and you’ve got trend analysis on tap for audit findings and employee competency assessments, as well as graphs showing personal monitoring and exposures of different workers. It saves drilling into detail within excessive amounts of paperwork: it’s there for you on a screen.

We’re able to do some things more efficiently and better: trend analysis, audit findings, and training needs analyses that are based on competency assessments undertaken on site. Again, Assure360 provides a good visual overview so you can see where your gaps are, where the improvements are needed, where you’re strongest.

In summary, Assure360’s core is being able to do things more quickly and efficiently, viewing data at a higher level. The visual format and layout is a great aid in this.

Client name

  • Stephen Jones

Client role

  • Technical Manager, asbestos removal


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"The Assure 360 database allows us to take a top level view of all of our asbestos removal contractors, directly comparing and contrasting them against each other."
Richard Bennion, Asbestos Compliance Manager, Royal Mail Group