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Assure360 Audit app

Assure360 Audit is our health and safety auditing app. It will transform your H&S processes by allowing teams to quickly record safety audits on-location, backed up by a sophisticated dashboard and database to drive fast and real-time analysis.

Designed for organisations in the construction sector, whether a small building company, huge multi-discipline principle contractor or specialist asbestos removal company, Assure360 Audit allows everyone in the team to:

  • Track best practice
  • Record audit non-conformance
  • Support findings with photographs
  • Assign responsibility for actions
  • Assess training needs

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Transform H&S in your organisation

It will change your day-to-day H&S auditing by replacing time-consuming PDFs, forms and spreadsheets with efficient, real-time tracking with data analysis via the dashboard and sophisticated cloud database.

Assure360 Audit has the power to turn everyone into a H&S manager with audit, compliance, competence, trends and training needs all delivered in one app. Auditing in this way starts to develop a culture where it’s no longer just one person that ‘does H&S’.

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Consistent reporting back

When teams use Assure360 Audit everyone is using exactly the same data, providing consistent reporting and robust decision-making. Overnight, your organisation will be more efficient, saving time and money.

The app ensures the streamlined dashboard presents the most important and up-to-date information so that you can prioritise and identify what matters most.

Investigations can be coordinated between large or small teams and actions assigned using the same workflow system. The sophisticated approach lets you track close out, so nothing gets forgotten – all you need to create strategies and prioritise is presented on the dashboard.

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Save time, improve safety

Assure360 Audit helps managers, contracts managers, supervisors and senior management streamline health and safety, allowing audits to move from being a tool to support compliance into a vehicle for competence assessments and training-needs analysis. All with no additional data entry.

Adopting Assure360 Audit will save teams countless hours on site and back in the office.

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