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Assure360 Paperless safety and asbestos management

Assure360 Paperless is the new tool in the Assure360 suite of safety and asbestos apps. It supports Supervisors with all administrative tasks related to asbestos removal and is available on iOS and Android.

Sitting alongside Assure360 Audit, it’s an offline data capture iPad app coupled with 100% secure disaster recovery capability along with real time notification for Project Managers. It allows the capture and recording of all:

  • Site registers
  • Inductions
  • Exposure
  • RPE checks
  • Timesheets
  • Site diary (now with photos)
  • Visitor information

Project Managers

Save time and money

Assure360 Paperless saves time both on site and back in the office – allowing the team to concentrate more on management and quality.

Asbestos removal is the most regulated industry after nuclear. Even the smallest projects generate 10-20 pieces of paper and the largest many box files of paperwork. These checks are safety critical, but too much time spent recording them distracts the supervisor from actually supervising.

This extension to the Assure360 suite of tools saves time and delivers:

  • Streamlined recording of checks
  • Offline data capture
  • 100% secure disaster recovery
  • Dashboard access for all team members
  • Real-time notifications for PMs

Assure360 Paperless is the holy grail for the asbestos removal industry.

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Pioneering technology

There’s never been a technological solution to managing the paperwork around asbestos management. Where others have tried and failed, Assure360 Paperless can offer a solution that:

  • Is created by a team that fundamentally understands the industry
  • Makes the process quicker, without eliminating any of the checks
  • Is immune to the vagaries of data connectivity – because it offers offline data capture
  • 100% secure disaster recovery

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