Assure 360

Safety and asbestos management: product features and benefits

Safety management and asbestos removal are complex processes that require careful monitoring and auditing at every stage.

With apps, tracking, dashboards and reporting, Assure360 is a simple solution that brings safety management into the 21st century and makes asbestos removal efficient and safe.
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Suite of powerful apps

The Assure360 system is a secure cloud database designed to streamline all aspects of H&S and asbestos management: auditing, trend analysis, training needs, accidents, incidents, near misses and more. Flexible and bespoke, it covers traditional construction industry needs and the rigours of the asbestos licensing regime.

  • Assure360 Audit is our health and safety auditing app.
  • Assure360 Paperless is our digital support tool for site supervisors.

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Easy set up for the team

Assure360 is simple enough for your entire team to use. Our expert managers take care of everything you and your team need to get started quickly. Once you’ve subscribed to your service, you and your organisation will have instant access to your customisable organisation dashboard with all its tools, data and instant reporting.

Depending on which subscription package you’re using, your team will have access to our Apps – Assure360 Audit and Assure360 Paperless – so that everyone on site can become a health and safety manager. Its intuitive design is accessible to the novice, and allows experienced auditors to focus on their radar, recording key issues.  So it’s no longer just the H&S manager that ‘does H&S’. It strengthens the whole company’s safety culture.

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Tracking and monitoring in real-time

With real-time access via the cloud, Assure360 allows you to access your reports wherever you are and at any time of day. As long as you can get online, Assure360 will make sure your data is up-to-date. Everyone in the team can keep track of even the most complicated asbestos removal projects including exposure monitoring modules and team performance reporting.

Assure360 liberates H&S insight from PDFs and spreadsheets – the data is analysed by the sophisticated cloud database and actions automatically flow to the managers that can make the most telling changes.


Consistent reporting back to management

All of your staff will be using exactly the same data, providing consistent reporting and robust decision-making. Overnight, your organisation will be more efficient, saving time and money.

The streamlined dashboard presents the most important information to you so that you can prioritise and identify what matters most. Investigations can be coordinated between large or small teams and actions assigned using the same workflow system. The sophisticated workflow lets you track close out, so nothing gets forgotten – all you need to create strategies and prioritise is presented on the dashboard.

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