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Audit insights: what’s causing non conformance issues on site?

Written by Nick Garland on 24/05/2017

The Assure360 app collects a huge amount of data and this gives us unique insight into the issues our peers in the safety industry tackle during site audits and tech reviews.

Our app is the only community audit and compliance tool available for the asbestos removal and construction industry. With more than one hundred safety professionals using the system – so far they’ve completed more than 2000 audits – we are developing real insight into the challenges and issues our clients and peers face and overcome. As a result, Assure360 has the power to genuinely improve the construction industry.

What kind of data does Assure360 collect?

The Assure360 system incorporates site audits and also records tech reviews during the planning stage. This allows managers to learn from common issues picked up by their peers – before the project goes live.

We regularly share the community’s findings with our army of independent auditors through our customer newsletter (you can sign up to this at the bottom of this page). Here is a taster of the most recent findings we shared covering audits and site reviews from January 2017.

The 10 most common non conformance issues for Jan 2017

If we look at the overall top 10 we see predominantly paperwork issues, that either are, or can be identified during peer reviews:

The top 10 list looks like this:

  1. Method statement
  2. Drawings
  3. Risk assessments
  4. Report compliant with guidance
  5. Analyst recorded
  6. All required plant, equipment and materials on site
  7. ASB5 present and accurate
  8. RPE maintenance – certificate on site
  9. NPU inspections
  10. Post project documentation

Whilst there are some favourites here, Risk assessments (site specific) indicates that the auditors are trying to come to grips with that age-old problem of generic risk assessments. Assure360 will automatically record this with an action to identify and resolve the underlying issues.

Whilst on the surface – ASB5 (present and accurate) seems alarming, I am aware that this is being used to track when teams are not on site when they should be.

The most common issues for supervisors

Assure360 allows us to drill down and identify issues faced by supervisors. This allows the teams to address targeted issues within supervisor meetings, rather than allowing company wide concerns to cloud the issue:

The top 10 for supervisors looks like this:

  1. RPE daily checks
  2. RPE maintenance
  3. Buddy vac
  4. Consumables stored securely
  5. NPU inspections
  6. Vehicle (external)
  7. Vehicle (internal)
  8. Vision panels / CCTV
  9. All required plant, equipment and materials on site
  10. Amendments – appropriate, sanctioned by senior management recorded

Again, for supervisors there are some familiar hurdles to overcome. But some surprising issues are being targeted as well. Vehicle inspections – when taken together – is the most common issue.

The most common issues for contracts managers

Similarly, contracts managers can focus on their challenges:

The top 10 issues for contracts managers are:

  1. Method statement
  2. Drawings
  3. Risk assessments
  4. Report compliant with guidance
  5. Analyst recorded
  6. All required plant, equipment and materials on site
  7. ASB5 present and accurate
  8. Post project documentation
  9. Supervisor’s name
  10. Air changes

How could Assure360 help you?

How does this data compare with your own audits? Do you have a tool that can help you monitor and tackle these issues, saving you time and money and keeping everyone on the project up to speed?

Let us know what kind of data you’d be interested in seeing and book a demo.

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"It's saving me hours and hours and hours of going through paperwork. It's a lot quicker, and everything's visible, so we can see everything as the project is ongoing."
Johnathon Teague, Project Support Manager, Armac Group