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Assure 360 uniquely allows you to audit asbestos projects, measure competence, complete Training Needs Analysis, and record exposure monitoring in one, time-and-money saving cloud based system.

NG Speaking EAF 2015

We’re pleased to announce that not only will we be exhibiting at the exciting Contamination Expo 2016, but we have been shortlisted for the Asbestos Innovation award.

The expo is to be held at London’s Excel arena and Nick Garland, our founder will be giving a seminar ‘Competence Systems, the Good the Bad and the Ugly’. The 30-minute seminar will outline what competence means within the asbestos industry and why we should care (including the regulatory imperative). It will cover the various ways to observe and measure it, the pitfalls and the benefits that can be gained from a well-designed system. It will close with a short demonstration of how Assure360 ticks all the boxes and why we get testimonials like this:


At our recent license renewal, the HSE inspectors were amazed by the power of the system and couldn’t believe everyone wasn’t using it.”

Ken Johnson

Managing Director

Delta Services

It’s a must for all senior management in the asbestos industry wanting to make a difference.

Nick will also be on our stand, to answer any questions. It is well worth popping by the stand, where Nick will be able to demo the highlights of the system

Our many customers extol its virtues with comments like:

“The home page gives an instant health-check and reports are all done at the touch of a button. When you factor in the time saved – it has been a bit of a no-brainer.”

Ben Ives


“Assure360 is now integral to how we work. Our BSI assessors were really impressed by the system, noting all of the improvements it allowed us to introduce.”

Steve Hannah


“The HSE’s response at our recent license renewal was that they had never seen such a powerful and comprehensive system.”

Jason Boast

East Coast Insulation

Visit our website to learn more, or book a demo.

Get your free tickets HERE and visit us at stand 854.

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"If licence renewal was brought forward to tomorrow - it would hold no fears for me. I would be 100 per cent confident that Assure360 would make showcasing LAR's high standards easy."
Bob Clarke, Managing Director, LAR