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Written by Nick Garland on 23/11/2019

Asbestos management case study


Sperion is a licensed asbestos removal contractor (LARC) founded in Essex in 2012. With more than 40 years’ experience of asbestos management across the leadership team, the company offers consultancy, surveys and removal across domestic and commercial projects throughout the South East of England.

Sperion’s aim is to provide a fast, efficient service, delivered with quality and integrity. The company has experience of working in many environments including live retail outlets, educational establishments, hospitals, hotels, financial institutions, residential premises, public buildings, construction sites and homes.


Like all LARCs, Sperion has the challenge of working in a dangerous and highly regulated industry. Accurate record keeping is vital, not just to meet statutory requirements, but to ensure the quality of the work being carried out, and the safety and suitability of the people doing it.

To this end, LARCs must gather, process and store huge amounts of data, but time-intensive manual methods mean that it’s often hard for them to extract the insight that the business actually needs. Facing these challenges, Sperion became an early customer for Assure360, using the Assure360 Audit app to audit non-conformance, track best practice and assess training needs.

More recently, Sperion recognised the potential of Assure360’s new Paperless app to further reduce the overheads of conducting and processing mandatory safety-critical checks.


Shortly after Assure360 Paperless was launched, Sperion rolled the product out across its supervisors, replacing a legacy paper-based system. Immediately, the company began to benefit from a more flexible and streamlined way of working, with critical checks completed and recorded digitally, and records shared transparently and seamlessly to the back office team.

Director Clinton Moore explained that the structure within Paperless ensures that supervisors have to complete their on-site checks completely and correctly, allowing him and fellow director Terry Pigram to be confident that everything is being recorded properly on site. Clinton said that the introduction of Paperless represents a ‘win-win’ for the business, where management is reassured that work is being done more quickly and to a higher standard, yet the supervisors are happy because they’ve been freed from the burden of time-consuming site paperwork.

For Sperion, one of the key benefits of the entire Assure360 system is the ease with which information can be collated and retrieved from the projects it works on. The apps make secure data gathering straightforward, while the system’s web-based reporting and analysis provides managers with the tools to easily identify trends and training needs.

What the client said

Assure360 Paperless is absolutely brilliant. It is so much easier than writing the checks out on pieces of paper
and it saves me absolutely loads of time. Everything is just there where you need it – even all the lads’ certificate dates.

Instead of going backwards and forwards to my site folder I can now just do it all on the app. Paperwork is all done unbelievably quickly and I can go out and help with the sheeting up. And because it’s on an iPad I can just take it with me, so when it’s time to do another check or update the diary I can do it right away.

Before I tried Paperless, I must say I was really nervous, I’ve been in the industry since 1973, and I’ve run thousands and thousands of jobs – paperwork is all I’ve known. But Assure360 is really simple, I picked it up straight away and now I would never go back.

Client name
Gary Meads
Senior Supervisor

What the client said

Our work generates so much data that to try and manually extract the meaning from it can be very difficult. Assure360 saves us time of extracting the information we need – it’s all done automatically in the system. It also saves a lot of the thought process of trying to work out how to actually get that information: you just press a button and you can see it in front of you.

When it comes to the licence assessment, Assure quickly enables you to extract the information which will help prove that you are complying with the HSE’s licencing criteria.

When the HSE asks, for example, “Can you demonstrate how you carried out an audit and found something wrong, and what you did about that error and how you applied the training?” – Assure lets you record those processes and do a very simple print out to prove what those processes were and how they were completed.

Client name
Clinton Moore

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"Say the exposure monitoring is higher than it should be, we can deal with that at the time rather than three months later when we get the paperwork back."
Johnathon Teague, Project Support Manager, Armac Group