Assure 360

Meet our team

The team has unrivalled experience of the asbestos removal industry with over 25 years of experience. We’re a knowledgeable and approachable team, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re seeking advice, would like a demo of Assure360 or want us to support you with technical help.

Nick Garland – Founder

I am the founder of the company and the designer of the Assure360 system. I’ve got 25+ years experience in the industry I am the subject matter expert – I come up with the ideas on what will help the industry, so that my team can put them into action.

I have extensive experience providing health and safety management advice, asbestos audits, expert witness testimony plus competence and compliance systems for the asbestos and construction industry. I’ve been a Certified Competent Person (CCP) since 1997. Other qualifications include NEBOSH Construction, and a PgD in Occupational H&S Management.

On an average day in the office I can be found demo-ing the product to clients, talking with trade organisations to establish future needs, actually doing audits with the system, advising clients on H&S, fleshing out ideas for system development, and briefing the team on the ideas. In particular I’m the starting point for innovation and product testing.

We’re a really close-knit team and everyone is an expert in their own right – which makes us all very passionate about the product. I think this makes a genuine difference – Assure360 doesn’t just solve problems for the client, it also teaches them how to manage H&S, and automatically improves safety culture in any company that uses it.

Rick Garland – Account Director

I make sure that your experience installing and running Assure360 is seamless.

I hold an MSc in Information Systems, IT and Management from Sheffield University and I worked in the asbestos industry as an analyst and eventually surveyor for 5 years. My knowledge of asbestos and database design and management make me uniquely qualified to sit between our IT technical experts, clients and Nick.

My days are usually dictated by the needs of our users. I’m often contacted with requests for new users to be setup, audit editing and the initial contact for help and support. I also do the configuration work and initial training for new clients. Whilst I am involved with our marketing and booking of demos, my primary focus is customer support and the smooth running of the database.

I’m respected and appreciated for what I do within the company, working in an area that is changing an industry.

Phil Bowen – IT Director

My company, Pigeon Penguin, manages and develops the Assure360 database and website – We do the IT.

I am responsible for the continous improvement of Assure360. I help Nick and Rick turn their ideas and client feedback into reality. I have 25+ years in IT development and project management.

Typically each month we will produce a number of new features or improvements that clients have asked for. So my job is to work closely with the team, to understand the changes needed and deliver them.

Being imaginative to meet client needs. It’s great to work with Nick and Rick, taking a requirement from a client, discussing it, throwing solutions around until we come up with the optimum solution which we then turn into reality. It’s a dynamic, fast paced environment, the Assure360 team gets things done – brilliant!

Matt Glover – App Developer

I joined the team in 2013 and I lead the software development for the iPad (and upcoming iPhone) iOS application. I work closely with the Assure360 Product Management team to ensure our data and our app is the best on the market. This means developing an application that is feature-rich, well-designed, stable and solves the problems of our clients.

Most of my time is spent talking to the Assure360 Product Management team, breaking down new requirements, and providing estimations on complexity and time scales. My work also involves product testing with trusted testers to ensure the quality of our app is always as high as it needs to be. Specifically, I lead on best practice guidance, feature development, and resolving bugs relating to the iOS app. Hopefully there are not too many of these!

I started developing iOS applications in 2009, soon after the official iPhone SDK was released. I was excited to develop useful applications that could be downloaded and installed to potentially millions of iPhone/iPad users. So I regularly attend industry conferences and also attended Apple’s annual developer conference.

I really enjoy developing an app like Assure360 for a specific set of users that truly value the service that the app delivers.