Assure 360

Assure360 apps

The Assure360 system is a secure cloud database designed to streamline all aspects of construction health and safety and asbestos management: auditing, trend analysis, training needs, asbestos exposure, four-hour time-weighted average calculations, accidents, incidents, near misses and more. Our intuitive web interface makes it simple to extract insights from your data, and the system is enhanced and expanded by a suite of three focused and innovative health and safety apps:

  • Assure360 Audit – our health and safety auditing app
  • Assure360 Paperless – our paperless asbestos management app
  • Assure360 Incident – our near-miss, incident and accident reporting app

You can find iPhone and iPad versions on the Apple App Store, and Android versions on Google Play.

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Assure360 Audit

Assure360 Audit is our health and safety auditing app. Fast and intuitive, you can use it to record audit non-conformance, track best practice, support findings with photographs, assign responsibility for actions, and assess training needs.

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Our health and safety app is the embodiment of 25-plus years of health and safety experience. Created from first-hand knowledge of safety auditing in the workplace, the app is designed to simplify and accelerate key processes, improve accuracy, and address common challenges. It’s incredibly flexible: Assure360 Audit originated in the asbestos and construction industries, but has evolved into an all-industry solution for managing health and safety audits.

Assure360 Audit, the health and safety auditing app

Assure360 Paperless

Assure360 Paperless is the ideal digital support tool for the asbestos removal industry. Our asbestos app simplifies and improves site paperwork, transforming productivity on site and in the office.

Using Assure360 Paperless, supervisors can dramatically improve their productivity, recording safety-critical checks quickly and accurately in a simple digital app. Paperless’ effortless tools cover site registers, inductions, exposure, RPE checks, timesheets, site diary, visitor information and more!

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Our asbestos management app speeds up vital safety tasks. By synchronising with our cloud database, it ensures that key project data isn’t sitting around on site. Managers know what’s happening on their projects, and can act on trends and other insights during the work – rather than waiting for the paperwork to come back.

Assure360 Paperless, the asbestos management app

Assure360 Incident

Assure360 Incident is our accident reporting app – recently refreshed and improved, and now available for Android. Designed to digitally capture all accidents, incidents and near-misses, this easy-to-use app helps organisations manage individual events, and to identify and act on safety trends. Through easy and complete incident management, Assure360 Incident helps you:

  • Strengthen your health and safety culture
  • Improve your safety trend analysis
  • Streamline health and safety investigations
  • Act on insights to create a safer workplace

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As with other Assure360 apps, Incident replaces cumbersome paperwork with intuitive digital data capture. It switches old-fashioned accident report forms for speedy digital reports, direct from any location. Assure360 Incident drives detailed analysis and insight – all in an instant.

Assure360 Incident, our incident reporting app