Assure 360

Cloud brains. Down-to-earth product features

Safety management, and asbestos removal are complex. Monitoring and careful auditing are vital. Assure360 cuts the time spent on data gathering and record keeping, and enables better analysis, insight and compliance.

A cloud-based database, augmented with three intuitive and focused apps, Assure360 is a simple solution that brings safety management into the 21st century. Clear dashboards, self-explanatory apps, and powerful data entry features create an environment where even the least technical users can simplify and accelerate their work.

Powerful reporting, tracking and analysis gives managers and supervisors the data they need to manage projects, identify training needs, and raise safety standards. Designed to cut the paperwork – and errors – from vital safety systems, Assure360 makes asbestos removal efficient and safe.

Assure360 is the only safety business transformation software for the asbestos and construction industries.

A suite of powerful apps

The Assure360 apps work with our system to capture and process data in the most efficient and intuitive way.

  • Assure360 Audit is created from our first-hand experience of health and safety auditing in the workplace. Flexible and bespoke, it covers both traditional construction industry needs, and the rigours of the asbestos licensing regime.
  • Assure360 Paperless is our digital support tool for site supervisors. Designed to remove paperwork and support more effective supervision, Paperless covers everything from site registers to visitor information.
  • Assure360 Incident is our tool for recording accidents, incidents and near-misses. With easy capture and analysis, Incident helps you learn from every health and safety occurrence, helping identify risks and drive safety forward.

Discover the Assure360 apps

Product benefits

The Assure360 suite provides multiple benefits:

  • Easy setup – Assure360 is simple enough for your entire team. We’ll help you train and deploy quickly.
  • Customisable dashboard – access all your data through a customisable organisation dashboard, with powerful tools, visualisations and instant reporting.
  • Powerful workflows – coordinate investigations, assign actions, ensure nothing is forgotten. The dashboard provides all you need to strategise and prioritise.
  • App access – Audit, Paperless and Incident apps make everyone on site a health and safety manager, strengthening the whole company‚Äôs safety culture.
  • Track and monitor in real-time – access reports wherever you like. Track even complex projects, including exposure monitoring and team performance.
  • Swap paperwork for actionable insight – data is analysed in the cloud, in real time. Actions flow automatically to the right people.
  • Consistent reporting, robust decision making – everyone works with the latest data. Your organisation becomes more efficient, saving you time and money.

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