Assure 360

Asbestos removal app for licensed contractors

Licensed asbestos removal contractors (LARCs) do demanding work, and are held to the very highest standards. Safety is paramount, but mandatory checks and record-keeping can tie supervisors up in paperwork.

Assure360 supports LARCs by making it easy to complete all site paperwork, audits, exposure monitoring and four-hour time-weighted average calculations digitally. We slash site paperwork, make workflows more efficient, and assist all workers to deliver their best in a safer environment. Assure360 liberates site data from paper folders, providing managers and support staff with fresh insight on current jobs and performance.

We work with site supervisors, managers and all asbestos operatives as they strive to exemplify safety. Through custom modules, our system directly supports LARCs with licence renewal. Discover how we work with LARCs to improve safety, boost site productivity, empower remote management and provide enhanced and timely insight.

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Construction health and safety app

Construction is an inherently risky business, so construction companies dedicate significant resources to the management of site health and safety. Assure360 helps constructors to manage and monitor team workflows, improving project performance and helping managers understand and act on training needs.

The Assure360 system streamlines health and safety. Our Audit app allows everyone to ‘do’ health and safety, turning auditing from a box-ticking exercise into a genuine opportunity to improve processes, compliance and safety throughout. Assure360 Incident, our accident, incident and near-miss reporting tool, extracts meaningful and actionable insight from every occurrence, helping companies learn from past mistakes, and avoid new ones.

Discover how we help construction companies understand, benchmark and improve their health and safety performance.

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Health and safety auditing for auditors and analysts

The healthiest audit systems aren’t just a box-ticking exercise, they’re an opportunity for the business to assess performance, and identify which processes and skills need improving. Key to this is the ability to record checks, add notes, and evidence observations in the most intuitive way.

Assure360 is increasingly recognised as the tool of choice for health and safety auditing. Our system is a trusted solution for auditors and analysts working in asbestos management and the wider construction industry – we recently recorded our 10,000th audit!

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Our health and safety auditing app replaces home-brewed solutions, prone to user errors and data loss, with a purpose-built auditing environment. This is why a growing number of auditors are accredited on the Assure360 system, and able to help others get the most out of it.

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Facilities management app

With extensive property portfolios, and ownership of large construction projects, facilities managers and property managers have great responsibilities. Health and safety management is a key consideration, both in projects and everyday use. In many cases, asbestos management is a vital responsibility, too.

Assure360 helps take the stress out of facilities management by:

  • Tracking competencies for individual contractors
  • Monitoring live risks and tracking mitigating actions
  • Generating reports for all current actions
  • Setting and monitoring supplier KPIs

Discover how we help even the largest companies manage their property portfolio.

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Training management app

Asbestos training requirements evolve quickly with changing guidance, legislation, and the skills and performance of your own workforce. In this dynamic environment, training needs analysis is an essential capability for maintaining and improving competencies.

Our training modules are developed to speed up this analysis and support trainers in all areas by:

  • Covering contracts managers, supervisors and operatives
  • Providing training partners with direct access to data and reports
  • Focusing training on what’s needed, extracting the maximum value from the training budget
  • Providing in-depth understanding of a team’s strengths and weaknesses

Discover how we help asbestos contractors manage their training needs.

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