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Assure360 Paperless - the asbestos supervisor app

Assure360 Paperless is the ideal digital support tool for the asbestos removal industry. Designed to remove the paperwork from critical safety checks and mandatory record keeping, our asbestos supervisor app boosts safety, delivers insight and transforms your productivity.

Paperless is a data capture app, designed to help supervisors with the administrative tasks of asbestos removal. Rather than languishing in paper folders, site data is synchronised with the Assure360 database. Managers can get insight while projects are ongoing, applying learnings and addressing trends while they’re still relevant.

Now available for iOS and Android, Paperless has been refreshed with a simpler and more powerful interface.

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Save time and money

Assure360 Paperless saves hours both on site and back in the office – allowing the team to concentrate more on management and quality. It streamlines the recording of all checks, including:

  • Site registers
  • Enclosure and plant checks
  • Inductions
  • Exposure
  • RPE checks
  • Timesheets
  • Visitor information

Paperless’ improved site diary feature now includes photos, and menu-driven selection to minimise text entry. Throughout, the goal is to support supervisors to complete vital checks, allowing them to devote more time to effective supervision.

Who uses Assure360 Paperless?

Project Managers

Why choose Assure360 Paperless?

Asbestos removal is the second most regulated industry after nuclear, with the typical project generating anything up to several box files of paperwork. Typically, this stays in the site office, meaning project data is locked away until the project ends. And in most companies, time-intensive manual processing means that while valuable insights may have been captured, they’re never revealed.

Assure360 is created by a team that fundamentally understands the industry. Our pioneering technology makes site safety quicker, without eliminating any checks. Paperless liberates safety and performance data from the site folder, supporting managers and supervisors with fresh insight - while it’s still most relevant.

Who uses Assure360 Paperless?

Asbestos removal contractors