Assure 360

Assure360: ACAD’s preferred competency scheme partner

The Assure360 system is not just the best competence assessment and training needs analysis system, it is the complete solution for the asbestos removal sector.

ACAD members receive a 10% discount off subscription fees for Assure360.

Assure360 is a secure cloud database offering a suite of tools to manage all aspects of health and safety encountered in the licensing regime. At its core is a construction H&S system that covers auditing, trend analysis, training needs, accidents, incidents, near misses and exposure.

It can be used on any web browser, and was created by a team with more than 20 years experience in the industry. The Assure360 Apps – Assure360 Audit and Assure360 Paperless – are available free via the App Store.

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What is Assure360?

1. Track and monitor

With real-time access to your safety management dashboard, Assure360 allows you to access your data wherever you are. Everyone in your team becomes a H&S manager.

2. Real-time reporting

Time is money, and Assure360 allows you to define the management reports you need whether you want supplier statistics, trends analysis, staff competencies or asbestos monitoring.

3. Efficiency overnight

With one system for all, the team can prioritise tasks and help you make robust decisions, saving time and money while improving safety.

Built through expertise

We aren’t software developers – like you, we’re part of the asbestos industry. We’ve been a member of ACAD since our foundation and we’ve worked with members to refine our system specifically to meet your real world challenges.

Over the last 20 years we’ve built up a rich knowledge of both the industry and HSE’s requirements, that’s why we get enthusiastic reviews from our customers, individual inspectors and why our members’ licence term is nearly 50% longer than the average.

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A suite of safety and asbestos management apps

Assure360 is the only safety management system on the market that has a suite of apps that can help you with all of these key tasks:

  • Individual staff competence tracking
  • Exposure monitoring and analysis
  • Paperless solutions for the site supervisor
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Training Needs Analysis at the touch of a button
  • Comprehensive auditing and trend analysis
  • Streamlined recording of checks
  • Offline data capture
  • 100% secure disaster recovery
  • Dashboard access for all team members
  • Real-time notifications for PMs

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