Assure 360

Long-term customers will already know that we’re constantly developing the Assure360 suite of products to make it better. This isn’t tinkering for the sake of it: we’re always gathering feedback from our community so we can target any issues, and add in features and improvements that help make our software more powerful and effective for everyone. Not just that, but we use our software every day for demos, audits and other consultancy work – we’re always finding things we can improve.

So I’m happy to announce that the latest update to the Assure360 Paperless app is a belter. We’ve added signatures to the Site Diary and, when you link this to the dictation feature and photographs, you get an incredibly flexible productivity tool for supervisors


Now there’s a hassle-free way to add longer entries without all the typing. That’s great when you’ve got a unique situation that isn’t already covered by our fast, menu-based entry system. It’s ideal if you hate typing on a tablet, or when the site demands safety gloves.

Signatures is the icing on the cake. Say you have a new Method Statement on site. The supervisor can detail the key changes using the dictation mode and tag the operatives as present. They can sign, and then photos can be taken to demonstrate they were there.

More than anything, the changes make record-keeping quicker and more accurate. And that’s the whole point of the Paperless app.

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"Assure360's core is being able to do things more quickly and efficiently, viewing data at a higher level. The visual format and layout is a great aid in this."
MSS Group