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Since its launch, the Assure360 Paperless app has been helping the asbestos removal industry streamline the way it works. Our digital support tool removes the burden of paperwork for site supervisors, allowing them to quickly record safety-critical checks, and apply more focus to the work of actually supervising. Already established as the tool of choice for leading LARCs, we’ve been working behind the scenes to make Paperless even better.

I’m delighted to announce the release of a major update to the app. For the new version, we’ve further improved the workflow and usability. We’ve made everything more intuitive, saving even more time for the supervisor. It’s a great update, but I wanted to pick out some of the real highlights.

Now on Android!

Perhaps the biggest news is that Paperless is now available on Android. All of our apps are still available on iOS, but by adding Android support to Paperless, we’ve made the app accessible to companies who already run Android devices on site. We’ve also lowered the cost barriers for those looking to adopt Paperless as their on-site solution – it’s substantially cheaper to buy Android tablets than iPads.

One other great benefit of supporting Android is that it opens up a far wider range of devices, including rugged tablets – sadly something missing from the iPad line up. Even in a rugged case, it’s easy to break a standard iPad in a rough site environment, so deploying a rugged device may save money and prevent downtime. And while iPads aren’t waterproof, you can get IP65-rated Android tablets – it’s a lot easier to decontaminate a device that’s dust proof and resistant to running water!

Download Assure360 Paperless for your Android device!

“I’m not the most computer-literate person in the world but I found it fairly simple to learn and do. I think it’s made my job easier in respect of the paperwork and it’s. I believe it’s quicker, too.”

Mark McGonagle, Major Works Supervisor at Asbestech

Expanded and improved site diary

This version of Paperless is about more than simply adding Android support. Centre-stage among the improvements for all users is the redesigned Site Diary. In the new app, supervisors no longer have to type entries into a text box. Now, they simply choose the right category of event from the diary menu, add photo evidence if needed, and provide any necessary extra details.

This further streamlines the recordkeeping of routine daily events. For example:

All on site – just take a photo of the team. No typing necessary
DCU set up – take a photo. No typing necessary
Compound set up – take a photo. No typing necessary
Isolation certificate – take a photo. No typing necessary

Site Diary now becomes the hub of the whole Paperless system, informing the office of what they need to know, every step of the way.

We’ve made multiple other improvements to the way the app looks and behaves. Now, smoke tests and handover certification are handled fully within Paperless. The history of a job is also laid out more clearly, making it more straightforward to review – whether that’s by the supervisor, an external auditor, or the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). There’s also a new comments box for visitors, allowing any observations from the HSE or auditors to be recorded and shared immediately.

Download Assure360 Paperless for your iPad!

We’re proud to have made our industry-leading solution even more of a timesaver, and even easier to use. We’re also excited to open up the power of Paperless to companies working with an Android user base. Use the links above to download the new app for yourself or, if you’re not yet a Paperless customer, why not drop us a line to book a free demonstration?

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