Assure 360

Health and safety in construction

The UK has a good record in on site safety – bringing people home safely from work. But maintaining these improvements requires a step up in how we identify and embed innovation and improvements.

The Assure360 app brings health and safety in construction into the 21st century. It’s a powerful tool that can ensure that safety becomes a way of working rather than just a check-list. It’s a gateway to meaningful analysis of construction health and safety – offering deep insight about what has been done well and the causes of mistakes.

The free app is available on the App Store and combines power, flexibility and simplicity.

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Support for learning and action

Assure360 supports learning in health and safety in construction. More importantly, it puts that learning into action. Every observation of an issue through the app comes with a question: what do we need to do to make sure this does not happen again? Every observation of best practice asks: how can we embed this into normal procedure?

It stops construction health and safety auditing from slipping into a hurdle to overcome to ensure compliance and turns it into a genuine, hassle-free route to improvement.

Case study: Breyer Group

Everyone a health and safety manager

With Assure360, it’s no longer just the H&S manager that ‘does H&S’. It strengthens the whole company’s safety culture. In fact, Assure360 has the potential to make everyone on site a health and safety manager.

We’ve used our expertise and the input of our customers to make it a tool that is simple to use, despite its powerful capacity. Its intuitive design makes construction health and safety accessible to the novice, and allows experienced auditors to focus on their radar recording key issues.

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An intelligent app, not a smart spreadsheet

We understand that health and safety in construction must never be a ‘box ticking exercise’. Assure360 liberates health and safety insight from static PDFs and spreadsheets. Our powerful app analyses the data we collects in our cloud database so that actions automatically flow to the managers that can make the most telling changes.

  • The sophisticated workflow lets you track close out, so nothing gets forgotten – all you need to create strategies and prioritise is presented on the dashboard.
  • The streamlined dashboard presents the most important information to you so that you can prioritise and identify what matters most.
  • Investigations can be coordinated between large or small teams and actions assigned using the same workflow system.
  • Auditing data is also used to generate training needs analysis for individual employees.