Assure 360

Peace of mind

With competence, exposure monitoring and auditing an essential part of asbestos management, it’s vital that you have a tool you can trust to make the process as watertight as possible. When implemented, the Assure360 suite of solutions provides the best system available, uniquely providing a genuine asbestos removal competence scheme and detailed exposure monitoring analysis.


Complete control of competence

Assure360 allows you to measure and analyse competence of all of your staff – down to the individual operative. Simple and easy to do, yet giving you the ability to understand individual training needs and tackle employee weaknesses head on.

Control - Assure 360

Exposure Monitoring Transformed

Exposure monitoring has long been the elephant in the room. Little understood, underused but mandatory, it has become a process to complete rather than the tool it should be. The Assure360 exposure module transforms the process, driving improvements to performance on site through unparalleled understanding of the process. As with all Assure360 solutions, the process is both easy to use and remarkably powerful.


One place for all your information

Assure360 is a one-stop-shop for recording all of your audits, both internal and external. No longer will you have to compare different systems and formats, and you can bring the whole process back in-house if you choose. Call up an immediate summary of each office or LARC’s strengths and weaknesses.

Control - Assure 360

Consistent measurement and monitoring

With all of your essential information in one place, allowing unified reporting, it’s never been easier to set and monitor Key Performance Indicators.

Control - Assure 360

All the data you need at the touch of a button

At the heart of Assure360 is a powerful database, but it’s accessed via a Dashboard that’s simple to use. Perform an immediate health check, call up a list of your top nonconformities, see an instant list of all your audits with their statistics and scores, generate your own personal ‘To Do’ list – the Dashboard can flex to your specific requirements.

Control - Assure 360