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Assure360 Incident

Assure360 Incident is the latest tool in the Assure360 suite of safety management solutions. Designed to simplify and streamline accident, incident and near-miss reporting, it supports supervisors and health and safety teams to improve record keeping, analysis and safety. With version two, we’ve thoroughly overhauled the design, adding Android support, photos and making it easier to use than ever.

Assure360 Incident allows the immediate, paperless recording of all:

  • Accidents
  • Incidents
  • Near misses

The app stands alone, but it also links seamlessly with the Assure360 database for detailed reporting and trend analysis.

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Improve health and safety management

Good health and safety management requires the speedy recording of accidents, incidents and - especially importantly - near misses. Assure360 Incident saves time, streamlining the recording of essential incident and accident information, and ensuring all the vital information is available for analysis by the health and safety team.

Assure360 Incident saves time and delivers:

  • Fast recording - quickly record any incident, and predict the severity of any injuries
  • Track and monitor - record key information for good H&S reporting
  • Easy analysis - in-app drop downs reveal trends, while all data can be stored or exported for later analysis

Assure360 Incident helps reduce incidents through effective record keeping.

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Pioneering technology

Paper accident report forms are time-consuming, cumbersome, and prone to loss and damage, yet effective health and safety management demands an accurate and complete record of incidents, accidents, injuries and near-misses. We created Assure360 Incident to streamline the full and speedy recording of all health and safety events, applying our industry-leading paperless technology to address a fundamental industry issue.

Assure360 Incident:

  • Makes incident-reporting quicker and more reliable
  • Makes it easy to reveal and address health and safety trends
  • Incorporates 100% secure disaster recovery
  • Is created by a team that fundamentally understands the industry

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