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It’s only mid-January, and already the Christmas holiday is beginning to seem long ago. We spent the run up feverishly working on some major updates to the Assure360 platform. Releasing them just before Christmas meant that we could down tools and relax, but we realise that many of our customers won’t have found the changes yet. With that in mind, here are some of the new features and improvements.

First up, we’ve made a really big change for our larger Enterprise clients – those with multiple divisions that may have very different ways of working. Site staff inductions and work area workflows can now both be tailored for different divisions in your company. Need a different workflow for the licensed scaffoldings group, or a team that works exclusively outside and in remote areas? That’s now no problem to set up – just give us a call if you’re interested in upgrading.

We regularly get client requests for new data, improvements and reports – this feedback is invaluable for our development plan, so thank you. The Assure360 project is a community solution. Many of our best ideas come from you, and everyone gets the benefits in the form of free updates.

With this release, the Assure360 Paperless app dashboard gets two community-led innovations. The first is Plant Usage – a brand new report that tracks where equipment was last used on site, and by whom. One of the beautiful things about Assure360 is that we collect everything as data. And because this is already in the system, any new report is automatically backdated and available for previous, current and future jobs.

Another community request was that the Paperless Work Area dimensions should get a decimal point. Done – a simple win for all you detail-focused Contract Managers. Keep all your requests coming, please.

Among the other updates, we’ve enhanced two admin reports – the Manage Multiple SHEQ Actions and Manage Multiple Exposure Actions reports. Both get extra information to help pinpoint what was happening on site. For those of you that haven’t used either yet, the first is a very useful report for closing out actions after team meetings. The second is brilliant for your admin team to group exposure actions into single strategies. You can find them both in your Admin drop down menu.

We’ve made another improvement to the Assure360 Audit App that should appeal to all our trusted auditors. The app now puts all of your client’s People into different pots. This is automatically sorted, so you will now be able to focus more on identifying issues on site, closing them out, and kick-starting recurrence prevention.

Our last app tweak represents a small but important victory against acronyms and unclear language. In Assure360 Paperless, the exposure section used to ask: “Was the activity measured?” This ludicrous question was always intended to mean ‘did you get a personal done on this?’, so we’ve changed it to “Personal Monitoring test carried out?”. All I can say is sorry, but it’s fixed now!

Finally, we’ve made an important and useful change beyond our web and app interfaces. To streamline actions from audits, we’ve added lots more site-specific information to the emails you receive from the system. Now you can triage and prioritise more effectively.

We hope you enjoy using the Assure360 system and all three of our apps, and we hope these changes make them even better. If you’d like any more information on any of these enhancements, please do get in touch.

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"The Assure 360 database allows us to take a top level view of all of our asbestos removal contractors, directly comparing and contrasting them against each other."
Richard Bennion, Asbestos Compliance Manager, Royal Mail Group