Assure 360

“The moment I saw the system demonstrated I knew it was an absolute must for us. It ticked so many boxes – all the areas that the entire industry seems to struggle with.

Nick fundamentally understands the challenges and has designed a product specifically for us, allowing my company to improve and showcase our strengths.

At our recent license renewal, the HSE inspectors were amazed by the power of the system and couldn’t believe everyone wasn’t using it.”

Ken Johnson
Managing Director
Delta Services

“The Assure 360 database allows us to take a top level view of all of our asbestos removal contractors, directly comparing and contrasting them against each other. The audits are detailed but at the same time easy to complete. Inspections can be carried out by our own team, or selected partners – so we aren’t tied to a single consultant. Reports can be produced at the touch of a button. Assure 360 is the solution that provides a robust approach to compliance audits of our suppliers.”

Richard Bennion
Asbestos Compliance Manager
Royal Mail Group

“We’ve been using the Assure360 system for over two years and whilst it took a little time for us to exploit its full potential it is now an invaluable tool in helping us manage the company.

The audit tool is very easy to use and gives us an extremely detailed understanding of the jobs and how they are running. The staff competence system paints a clear picture of our team’s strengths and weaknesses (operatives, supervisors, contracts managers, stores and admin), allowing us to react accordingly. And the exposure monitoring solution is remarkably powerful but still easy to use. It saves us time and effort.

The HSE’s response at our recent license renewal was that they had never seen such a powerful and comprehensive system.”

Jason Boast
Managing Director
East Coast Insulation

“LAR have been utilising Assure360 since the start of 2016. The system has streamlined the way in which we work from both collecting data and also a reporting perspective.

We have showcased the system to a number of clients during tender interview/presentations and they have been impressed with the information we are able to report on. The most notable feedback we have had to date was from the BSI assessors who were undertaking a two day audit of our quality, environmental and H&S management systems, they made a specific reference within their close out report, noting the improvements the Assure system had made to our business from previous years.

I would also note that when we have approached the Assure360 team with ideas or improvements, they have been quick to make changes to meet our businesses requirements.”

Steve Hannah
Development Director

“We have been using the Assure360 system since early 2015 and have found it to be invaluable in developing the business. 

Nick and the team were able to quickly implement the system for us and whilst it took us a little while to get the hang of things it is now an integral part of our business. It is flexible enough to bring out our strengths but at the same time shine a light on our weaknesses – and help resolve them.

The Assure360 System really helped with our recent license renewal, and whilst the HSE made some suggestions on ways to improve it even further, it clearly impressed them.

We had no hesitation in renewing our contract.”

Jim Marling
Divisional Manager
Romford Group

“We have now been using the Assure360 system to manage our audits for nearly two years and I must say that it certainly does everything we need – helps us accurately manage competence, close out audits, measure trends and highlight re-occurring non conformances. The audit app is so easy to use that even my busiest contracts manager completes reports – as does my senior supervisor.
The home page gives an instant health-check and reports are all done at the touch of a button. When you factor in the time saved – it has been a bit of a no-brainer”

Ben Ives
Managing Director
Horizon Environmental Ltd

“Assure 360 is simple to use, yet the output of information that links the competency, audit and health and safety has provided us with valuable data that has assisted LAR in improving various aspects of the business.

At the press of a button, the visual reports are effective and give real time information button that LAR Senior Board and external auditors have found useful, effective and easy to understand.

We find the Status/Actions Required/Due Dates useful tools in ensuring that the correct staff members are notified of, and deal with issues – ensuring effective and timely close off that can all be managed centrally.

A real time saver that produces valuable information that assists in improving health, safety and competence that would benefit any business.”

Alison Brooks
Quality & Audit Manager

“In my role as Compliance Manager I use Assure360 – I find it invaluable, simplifying every task (Health and Safety Recording of Accidents/Incidents/Near Misses, Competence monitoring, close-out of audits, exposure monitoring and reporting to senior management). The Assure360 help team are very responsive and actively encourage feedback. I feel as though the system is continually improving and evolving to match exactly what I need.”

Louise Morley
Compliance Manager
AA Woods