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Here at Assure Risk Management, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a number of differing services, all of which encompass health and safety, or the dangers of asbestos.  We offer professional Health and Safety advice to the asbestos and construction industry.

We specialise in audit and competence schemes, outsourced health and safety management, legal expert witness services and asbestos consultancy and training.

Our risk analysis based approach to providing audits combined with the wealth of experience we have gathered over the years allows us to bring a unique holistic edge to our health and safety management schemes.

Having been in this industry for over 20 years, we are also extremely proud of the reputation we have gained from continually satisfying our customers and clients, whilst always hitting high standards with the quality of our work.  This ensures you can be assured of not only expertise but a sound practical approach.

We do offer some services that may come in useful for you in your workplace setting, which we will inform you of here.

Asbestos Removal Competence Scheme

With changes to the licensed asbestos training environment, the asbestos industry will have to understand its workforce in much more detail.  Our Health and Safety Management system gives you the correct understanding of the Asbestos Removal Competence Scheme.

A powerful online database, married with our Audit Scheme, allows the most comprehensive analysis of the asbestos removal process available.  Uniquely, the system allows you direct access to the data and all of the reports.

We also have an iPad application that allows you to compete internal audits independently, which means you don’t need to rely on any external consultants.  However, it does allow you to use third party auditors to expand your coverage.  This synchronisation of both internal and external audits allows for a larger data set, and therefore more accurate data analysis.

Licensed Asbestos Removal Support

Our ability to provide both generalist health and safety expertise and detailed forensic understanding of the asbestos hazard gives all of our clients the assurance they need.

We provide specialised expert advice in support of licensed contractors either applying for their first HSE licence or at the time of renewal.

We can also provide the following services – amongst others – to many licensed asbestos removal clients, aiding them to build a streamlined, well managed company:

  • Internal and external audit schemes
  • Method statement consultancy for complex, multi-hazard projects
  • Practical solutions to health and safety challenges

And these three are just examples of what we can do, there are other areas we get involved in.

Asbestos Awareness Training

Here at Assure Risk Management we understand that training is not just presenting facts to a group of delegates; asbestos awareness training is about saving not only the lives of the staff you are responsible for but also safeguarding their families.  It also ensures work stoppages are kept to a bare minimum allowing you to meet your deadlines

Our training is tailored to each client, offering operative and management focused courses to ensure you have asbestos competence.  We also provide duty to manage bolt-ons for managers with a responsibility for buildings.

Our final bespoke training service is the provision of high quality e-learning packages for larger clients.  These interactive presenter led courses incorporate broadcast quality filming and innovative techniques to deliver the most effective e-learning experience.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how we can help you, call us on 0845 226 4318 or email us

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"The new system is better. Obviously it takes a few days to get used to the app, but once you do it's quicker. It's exactly the same checks you'd be doing with a paper system, but you haven't got the folder. You haven't got the paper there, it's just done on a small screen. It's made my job easier."
Mark McGonagle, Major Works Supervisor, Asbestech