Assure 360

Assure360 PaperlessĀ is a powerful tool that transforms the way asbestos removal contractors work. Like most tools, the best way to see the difference it makes is with a hands-on demonstration. That’s why we’re holding free monthly webinars, where we explore and explain all the product’s brilliant features. If you’re interested, great – you can sign up here.

At the same time, we know not everyone in our industry considers themselves technical. If you’re wondering what a webinar is – let alone how the app works – don’t worry, check out our one-minute explainer video:

Sign up for the webinar and we’ll send you a link you can follow to join in from any browser. You can sit back and watch as we walk you through the product, and if you have any questions, simply type them in as they occur to you. The Assure360 Paperless webinars usually take an hour: although we stick around for as long as there are questions, you’re free to leave whenever you like.

So why not join us for our next webinar? Just click the link above to get started.



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"Paperless is a more efficient way of doing the paperwork on site. It means nothing gets lost or mislaid or has a cup of coffee spilt over it, and you can always read it because there's no handwriting."
Phil Neville, Operations Director, Asbestech,