Assure 360

Construction health and safety management case study


Breyer Group has over 400 employees and more than 60 years’ experience specialising in roofing, construction, responsive repairs and maintenance. They are one of the industry’s leading principle contractors, operating from their headquarters in Romford, Essex and a network of locally based offices.


As a large company with multiple offices, more than 400 members of staff, working on many sites with different clients, Breyer needed an intelligent system which could provide a single centralised platform to monitor all aspects of construction H&S. Breyer historically audited their sites using a bespoke tool. However, the system did not extend to tracking accidents and incidents, which had to managed separately. Significant development costs were becoming an obstacle to improvement. The support contract for the internal system also expired in two months, meaning the solution needed to be implemented quickly.



Assure360’s approach of configurable cloud database gave the best of both worlds. Working right out of the box, it was implemented within weeks, bespoke questions following very shortly after. Not only did it replace all of the functionality that the in-house system had, it went further bringing in accident and incident tracking too. The tried and tested audit tool meant that actually recording observations became quicker. Reporting via the Cloud platform – instead of being time consuming and labour intensive – was speedy and intuitive. The Cloud approach also gives visibility to all those that need it – site managers all the way up to the board.

What the client said

“Assure360 has been a breath of fresh air since we started using it. The system is very easy to use, but at the same time powerful and comprehensive. We were able to create our own bespoke questions, so even though it is an off the shelf solution – working right out of the box, it has been configured to what we need.

“360 allows us to quickly and easily audit sites along with report, track and investigate H&S incidents. The cloud database lays all of the information I need to do my job – on a plate. I can instantly understand what our findings are telling us. Reporting to the board is no longer something I have to take weeks to prepare for – everything is at the touch of a button. What is even better is that the system is so easy to use, it is no longer me and my team that ‘do H&S’ – all of the contracts managers and directors participate.

“Assure360 allows me to do my job – manage H&S and improve the safety culture of the company. In short – we couldn’t ask for any more.”

Client name

Andrew Le Marie

Client role

Group Head – Health, Safety and Environment

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