Assure 360

Asbestos data management case study


LAR are a HSE licensed asbestos removal contractor operating on both a national and international scale. The award winning company is at the forefront of the UK industry with regards to health and safety, training and industry best practice.

As a business LAR work extremely hard to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry with regards to H&S, quality and performance. The company continues to invest heavily in staff development and training and has been recognised as being one of the industry’s front runners with regards to operatives, supervisors and management completing the ARCA Competency Scheme. In line with new guidance LAR have also moved the business to a more proactive approach to staff development and have invested a significant amount of effort in developing an industry leading Training Needs Analysis system. The efforts the business puts into its own development has recently been recognised by its Trade Association ARCA by being awarded with the Gold Training Award, the National Training Award and ARCA Gold Site Audit Award, where special recognition was achieved by securing this award for the 2nd consecutive year.

LAR’s heritage is major construction, but has specialised in asbestos removal for the last 30 years. LAR have been part of the growth of the asbestos industry and have evolved with it.

LAR work in all sectors of the built environment including:

  • NHS
  • MOD
  • Local Authority
  • Leisure
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Facilities Management
  • Higher Education
  • Retail
  • Housing Associations
  • Utilities (Water, Gas, Electric & Nuclear)
  • Central Government
  • Off-shore works


As an established company with national and international clients, LAR knew their product was top quality, but success brings its own problems. With approximately 100 site staff the amount of auditing that is required to keep on top of quality and safety is enormous.

A new system was required to gather the information simply, process the data and create a suite of reports that allow the management of H&S to be integrated seamlessly with the operations and the quality management system.


LAR began using Assure360 in early 2016 as a way of keeping all their compliance and auditing data in one easy-to-access place which could be updated by all staff members involved by the project at any time. The system now drives most of the quality management functions evidencing and supporting BSI compliance.

Since LAR started to use Assure360 it has grown – helping with more departments, in particular the exposure monitoring, competence and training needs analysis.

What the client said

“Whilst initially skeptical of all such systems, now that we have been using Assure360 for a while I am totally converted. It is an incredible asset to my organisation. All the tools and reports allow me and my team to really understand safety in our company, helping us drive through improvements. If licence renewal was brought forward to tomorrow – it would hold no fears for me. I would be 100% confident that Assure360 would make showcasing LAR’s high standards easy.”

Client name

Bob Clarke

Client role

Managing Director


“LAR have been utilising Assure360 since the start of 2016. The system has streamlined the way in which we work from both collecting data and also a reporting perspective.

We have showcased the system to a number of clients during tender interview/presentations and they have been impressed with the information we are able to report on. The most notable feedback we have had to date was from the BSI assessors who were undertaking a two day audit of our quality, environmental and H&S management systems, they made a specific reference within their close out report, noting the improvements the Assure system had made to our business from previous years. I would also note that when we have approached the Assure360 team with ideas or improvements, they have been quick to make changes to meet our businesses requirements.”

Client name

Steve Hannah

Client role

Development Director


“Assure 360 is simple to use, yet the output of information that links the competency, audit and health and safety has provided us with valuable data that has assisted LAR in improving various aspects of the business. At the press of a button, the visual reports are effective and give real time information button that LAR Senior Board and external auditors have found useful, effective and easy to understand. We find the Status/Actions Required/Due Dates useful tools in ensuring that the correct staff members are notified of, and deal with issues – ensuring effective and timely close off that can all be managed centrally. A real time saver that produces valuable information that assists in improving health, safety and competence that would benefit any business.”

Client name

Alison Brooks

Client role

Quality & Audit Manager

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