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The HSE calls out training malpractice

Thursday April 18th 2024

The HSE has ruffled more than a few feathers with a statement naming two training organisations. But behind the brouhaha, Nick Garland writes, there are urgent questions about whether asbestos training is fit for purpose.

Five takeaways from the new exposure guidance

Thursday March 14th 2024

The entire asbestos industry has struggled to get to grips with personal exposure over the years, so the Asbestos Network’s monitoring guidance is both welcome and overdue. It’s a crucial area to understand, so here’s Nick Garland with five essential takeaways.

East Coast Insulations

Thursday March 14th 2024

Paperless asbestos site management case study Background East Coast Insulations was established in 1983, becoming one of the first licensed asbestos removal companies in the UK. Today the company provides asbestos surveys, removal, management and training, along with insulation, fabrication and reinstatement works. In 2014, East Coast Insulations was a founding member of the Assure360 […]

Asbestos, construction and safety events calendar

Wednesday February 7th 2024

Our events list highlights the best industry events for asbestos and construction safety professionals taking place in the next 12 months.

In case you missed it: our personal exposure webinar

Wednesday January 24th 2024

Nick hosted a webinar to talk in detail about the Asbestos Network (AN)’s personal sampling and exposure guidance.

A look back at 2023

Thursday January 11th 2024

We don’t always look back at the previous year, but 2023 is one that demands a bit of reflection. In particular, writes Nick Garland, we’ll need to carry forward its spirit of innovation to embrace the new personal exposure guidance and the EU’s Asbestos at Work Directive .

Savana Environmental

Thursday January 11th 2024

How Assure360 is helping a reborn asbestos removal contractor save time and deliver the best possible service.

Summing up the EAF conference

Thursday December 14th 2023

The sixth European Asbestos Forum conference in Brussels was undoubtedly the best yet. An event packed with knowledge, ideas and innovation from the leaders in the asbestos industry. But more than anything, writes Nick Garland, it proved a lesson in how our thinking about asbestos needs to change.

A webinar on the new exposure guidance

Wednesday December 13th 2023

I’ve written quite extensively about the new personal sampling and exposure guidance from the Asbestos Network. It’s an important topic, and one that the industry has struggled to get a grip on. That’s why we’re hosting a free webinar to go through it on 16 January 2024 at 10am.

Summing up the FAAM conference, and a look ahead to EAF

Thursday November 23rd 2023

The FAAM conference provided a focus on excellent new research by the faculty itself, and the Health and Safety Executive. There was also a great teaser for the EAF conference, which is coming at the end of the month. Nick Garland shares his thoughts

Gel Cutting – A New Removal Technique

Wednesday October 25th 2023

Gel packs provide an alternative to the wrap and cut method for removing pipes, but without direct comparison, how do we know if the technique’s an improvement? FAAM designed a test to compare the two – Nick Garland examines the results.

Exploring the Asbestos Network guidance on personal sampling and exposure

Wednesday September 13th 2023

The Asbestos Network’s personal monitoring guidance has been some time in the offing, but now it’s finally been published. Nick Garland examines the guidance, looks at what it means for LARCs, analysts and clients, and shows how Assure360 can help.

It’s asbestos, not just RAAC that schools need to be concerned about

Friday September 1st 2023

The announcement from the government that multiple schools will have to close or partially close due to the long known presence of RAAC has further ramifications.

Asbestos in schools: is the awareness building?

Wednesday July 12th 2023

The government rejected Work and Pension Committee recommendations for a 40-year asbestos removal programme in public buildings. Now the Times has picked up the baton, launching a campaign to have ACMs removed from schools, as Nick Garland reports.

Overhauling the four-stage clearance

Wednesday July 12th 2023

Informed by Nick Garland’s recent FAAM 4SC workshop, we’re redesigning the way Assure360 handles and supports the process. The goal is to make things quicker, help improve working relationships, and provide even greater insight to make things better still.

Celebrating our 15,000th audit

Wednesday July 12th 2023

We’ve recorded the 15,000th audit on the Assure360 system – a huge milestone in our small industry. Nick Garland reflects on why we’ve become the industry-leading solution, trusted by in-house and external auditors alike.

Reducing the asbestos exposure limit: a tough act to follow

Thursday June 22nd 2023

Different EU groups are advocating up to 100-fold lower asbestos exposure limits. It might sound a good idea, but removalists will need new techniques and protection to get there. Nick Garland explains why.

The Retained EU Law Bill – is sense prevailing at last?

Thursday June 22nd 2023

As it was drafted, the Retained EU Law bill could have seen the wholesale repeal of EU legislation – including vital law like the Control of Asbestos Regulations. Fortunately it seems there’s been an outbreak of sense, as Nick Garland explains.

Summing up the ACAD awards dinner and golf day

Thursday June 22nd 2023

The annual ACAD golf day and awards dinner has been and gone. From perfect weather and great golf to an entertaining and thought-provoking evening, here’s our roundup of the day.

Approaching the cliff edge – unknown asbestos

Tuesday May 16th 2023

It’s rare to see a great article on asbestos in the mainstream press, but a recent Times special report serves to highlight our biggest challenge: ageing, inefficient buildings, hiding a deadly asbestos legacy.

Asbestos in cosmetics – why are we still using talc?

Tuesday May 16th 2023

It’s reported that at least 100 British women have joined legal action against US cosmetic firms over the risk of asbestos exposure from talc in makeup. Nick Garland looks at the links between talc and asbestos, and asks why we’re using it at all.

An update on the Asbestos Network monitoring guidance

Wednesday April 12th 2023

It won’t be long now before the Asbestos Network releases its updated guidance on personal monitoring. A lot’s changed since we last looked at the draft, so we’ve put together some updated analysis.

Something new: FAAM’s first four-stage clearance workshop

Thursday March 9th 2023

Assure 360’s founder, Nick Garland, took the lead in arranging FAAM’s new workshop, bringing together analysts and removalists to look at the four-stage clearance from both sides of the divide. What happened, and what did we discover? Here’s Nick with the lowdown.

Sorry for the inconvenience – the HSE cracks down on site facilities

Thursday February 9th 2023

Site welfare doesn’t always mean a Portaloo and a couple of picnic tables. Now the Health and Safety Executive is tightening up its guidance, with real consequences for contractors who don’t meet suitable standards. Here’s Nick Garland’s summary.

Revisiting the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

Thursday February 9th 2023

The Health and Safety Executive has just completed its second review of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Are they working? Are they achieving the stated aims? Have they had any unintended consequences? Nick Garland looks at the regulator’s conclusions.

New year, new features

Tuesday January 17th 2023

We’re always working behind the scenes to improve Assure360 – adding features, and responding to community requests. Our pre-Christmas updates slipped out somewhat under the radar, so here’s a quick lowdown on what’s new across the system.

EAF 2022 review

Wednesday December 7th 2022

When it comes to the asbestos conference season, the best very much gets saved to the last. November finally brought EAF 2022, with its unique mix of knowledge sharing, innovation and community building. Here’s Nick Garland’s write up.

How well are duty holders managing asbestos?

Wednesday December 7th 2022

The asbestos industry is stepping up to implement some of the Work and Pensions Committee recommendations that the HSE has opted not to pursue. This month, Nick Garland gives us an overview of ATaC and NORAC’s joint research into asbestos management.

Is It Really Just a Man’s World?

Thursday November 10th 2022

The Female Analyst Working Group was established in the wake of Colette Willoughby’s powerful talk on female analysts at FAAM a year ago. Here Colette writes about why she set up FAWG, some of the issues facing female analysts and removalists and some of the steps made towards tackling them over the past 12 months.

FAAM 2022 roundup – and what comes next

Thursday November 10th 2022

You wait all year for a great conference, and two come along at once. Here’s Nick Garland’s take on the most important bits from FAAM 2022, and his thoughts on how FAAM can do more for its members now the conference is over.

Expo 2022 – are LARCs being abandoned?

Wednesday October 12th 2022

The Contamination Expo featured some great content for analysts and consultants, but there was much less on offer for LARCs. Nick Garland calls for drastic action to restore it to an all-industry event.

Assure360 Paperless – announcing the new and improved Site Diary

Wednesday October 12th 2022

Hands full? Gloves on? Fat-fingered? We’ve updated Assure360 Paperless’ Site Diary with signatures, photographs and the Dictation mode, saving time and hassle by letting you add details with your voice.

The 100% clean – comparing blasting and needle guns

Wednesday September 14th 2022

When you absolutely, positively have to get rid of every trace of asbestos in a room, you’re probably looking at blasting or needle guns. What are the risks and issues with using both, and how do you mitigate them?

Vertex Asbestos Removal

Wednesday September 14th 2022

Not everyone is comfortable with technology, and many workers in the construction and asbestos industries have little experience with it. But Assure360 was designed so that anyone could use it – even if they weren’t used to apps. For supervisor Pete Cooper, the result is a more rewarding day, and new-found confidence with digital systems.

Audit 3.0 – our latest health and safety auditing app

Monday July 18th 2022

We’ve thoroughly updated and improved our health and safety auditing app, Assure360 Audit. Discover what’s new in the latest release, and why it saves you time, improves audit quality, and delivers greater insight.

The Asbestonomy conference – fresh thinking on a problem that hasn’t gone away

Monday July 18th 2022

June saw the launch of a new Asbestos conference. Asbestonomy set out to share ideas, policy and viewpoints among global experts in removal and treatment. Here, Nick Garland reviews the event, and reflects on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Clifford Devlin

Thursday June 16th 2022

Clifford Devlin needed a system that would streamline the gathering, recording and sharing of information between its site and management teams. Rather than sifting through folders of paperwork after the end of a job, it wanted the ability to generate meaningful insights during a project. Discover how we could help.

Asbestos Network guidance on personal monitoring, health, and exposure records

Thursday June 16th 2022

The Asbestos Network is working on guidance to cover personal monitoring, and health and exposure records. Here we look at how the draft guidance stands, and what it means for analysts and operatives.

Positive changes to improve personal safety in the DCU

Wednesday May 11th 2022

Colette Willoughby’s powerful talk on the safety of female analysts stunned many of us who heard it. I’m pleased to see that it continues to make an impact, and that our industry is beginning to make the changes that our female colleagues demand and deserve.

The Work and Pensions Committee asbestos report: five key recommendations

Wednesday May 11th 2022

The Work and Pensions Committee has published its report on how the HSE manages asbestos in the UK. It’s full of well-balanced recommendations – here we look at the details, and focus in on five recommendations that could transform UK asbestos management for the better.

The HSE’s new risk assessment guidance, and where it misses the point

Wednesday April 20th 2022

The HSE is issuing new guidance on risk assessments. But the current text seems to be missing the point about what they’re for, and how to translate them into safe working environments. Read our analysis.

Nominations open for the FAAM Committee

Thursday March 10th 2022

The Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM) recently decided to expand its Faculty committee with the addition of five new members. Nick Garland reminds us what FAAM does, what the committee’s role is, and why he’s honoured to have been put forward for election.

The European Asbestos Forum (EAF) conference returns

Thursday March 10th 2022

Later this year, the European Asbestos Forum (EAF) conference returns after a Covid-enforced hiatus. As Nick Garland explains, it’s a welcome return for this unmissable event.

When to visual in the four-stage clearance

Thursday February 10th 2022

The Analysts’ Guide clearly states that analysts shouldn’t enter a ‘live’ enclosure, but this sensible instruction is leading to misunderstandings with big cost and program repercussions. While it may seem confusing on the surface, Nick Garland explains what it actually says, and why.

A look ahead to 2022

Wednesday January 19th 2022

It’s a new year and, hopefully, one in which we’ll finally learn to master the pandemic. With the promise of things returning closer to normal, here’s what we’re looking forward to in 2022.

There’s more to DCU safety than gas and electrics

Wednesday January 19th 2022

The draft guidance on safety in the decontamination unit contains solid directions, but the Asbestos Network’s remit stops at gas and electrical safety. While we’ve got the opportunity, shouldn’t we be adding guidance relating to other issues such as personal safety?

Female analysts and four-stage clearance testing – the need for change

Thursday December 9th 2021

Does the asbestos industry have a problem with women? Colette Willoughby’s FAAM talk was a powerful and – frankly – shaming indictment of the everyday sexism and serious incidents that still happen today.

FAAM conference review – useful, compelling, and more thought-provoking than ever

Thursday December 9th 2021

Despite running virtually for the second year running, the FAAM asbestos conference managed to reach new highs – and uncover new lows. Immensely interesting, thought-provoking – and ultimately disturbing – we look at the highlights.

FAAM conference preview – don’t miss it!

Thursday November 11th 2021

This year’s FAAM Conference will – like last year – be fully virtual. But with a two-day programme bristling with quality speakers, it’s still unmissable. Here, Nick picks out his highlights.

Relicensing, and the importance of external audits

Analyst testing for asbestos

Thursday November 11th 2021

Any healthy auditing system should comprise a balance of internal and external audits, but with a limited budget, the HSE is increasingly reliant on audit evidence to back up its electronic licensing system. We look at the importance of audits, and the need for more quality independents to enter the fray.