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Case study: Delta Services

Asbestos management case study


Delta Services is one of the leading asbestos removal contractors in the UK. With over 22 years experience in asbestos removal, Delta Services provide asbestos abatement services to a wide variety of clients ranging from NHS Trusts, universities, hotels and large retail chains to small businesses and private individuals.

As a prominent member of ACAD they value their reputation in the industry.


As a large company with staff members who frequently work remotely on different sites with different clients, Delta Services needed an intelligent system which could provide a single centralised platform to monitor their asbestos removal processes in one place.

Like all asbestos removal contractors the administration of exposure monitoring and audits is a constant labour intensive problem that required a solution.


Managing Director of Delta Services, Ken Johnson, had not been expecting to find a tool that could reliably manage all the company’s clients workflow in one place, allowing his staff access to universally up-to-date client project data wherever and whenever they needed it. After seeing a demonstration of Assure360, however, he knew he had found a tool which could do this, and much more.

With Assure360, Delta Services employees could access client data in one place at any time, wherever they were, keeping workflows up to date and seamlessly managed from start to finish. This also dramatically reduced the risk of important information being lost or duplicated. .

The system has streamlined all of the processes that most removal contractors wrestle with on a daily basis – making doing business so much easier.

What the client said

“The moment I saw the system demonstrated I knew it was an absolute must for us. It ticked so many boxes – all the areas that the entire industry seems to struggle with. Nick and his team fundamentally understand the challenges and has designed a product specifically for us, allowing my company to improve and showcase our strengths. At our recent license renewal, the HSE inspectors were amazed by the power of the system and couldn’t believe everyone wasn’t using it.”

Client name

Ken Johnson

Client role

Managing Director

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