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Case study: Horizon rolls out the asbestos removal Paperless app


Horizon Environmental Ltd is a private, independent company led by a management team with many years of providing asbestos removal and environmental services to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Horizon has grown rapidly over the past five years, routinely undertaking very large complex projects. Horizon is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and the public. It believes in upholding practices that create long-term value, and which enhance Horizon’s reputation for safety, integrity, and professionalism.


The team had grown significantly in recent years and alongside this expansion came additional asbestos removal auditing paperwork for everyone. In particular, the burden of site specific paperwork fell to the supervisors and leadership team, who were tasked with overseeing multiple asbestos removal audits and large amounts of related auditing paperwork and admin.

As an extremely competent and experienced team, with a three-year licence, they were always looking for ways to improve and be more efficient. They knew their paper system, whilst laborious was essential, but felt that there had to be an alternative.

Horizon were keen to get some support from an expert provider and find a solution that could save their supervisors time, while being easy to roll-out across the business without requiring large amounts of training. The also wanted something that could be installed without spending large amounts of money on new equipment.


Horizon decided to rollout the Assure360 Paperless app in Autumn 2018 and, following advice from the technical support team, assigned a few of their supervisors to get training and support the roll-out across the organisation. This rollout took just a matter of days.

With the introduction of Assure360’s Paperless App, the team had a digital support tool that meant Horizon’s supervisors could eliminate all their asbestos removal paperwork and record safety critical checks including everything from site registers, times sheets and inductions to exposure, RPE checks and site diaries through the app.

Not only did the team become more efficient and productive, they were able to get rid of their bulky folders with reams of paper and use their iPads instead. It was a perfect asbestos removal solution for the team and one that the supervisors believe has been transformative for the business.

What the client said

One supervisor, Craig Toomer, who had over 12 years in the industry, was one of the super-users appointed to get Paperless set up. He was an ideal superuser, as he knew first-hand the amount of paperwork, rigorous tracking and time the auditing process entails. Despite how time consuming and inefficient their existing paper system was, he knew that a lot of people in the organisation were familiar with it and might be reluctant to change.

He also knew that a lot of the team were technophobes and were not 100% confident when it came to software and apps; himself included.

‘At first I was very daunted when I heard what was going to happen. I’m not very technical. I can use my iPhone but that’s about it,’ Craig said. ‘I have to say I was taken aback by how simple it was. I picked it up very quickly and now I much prefer it to paper.’

‘The extra time it gives me to supervise them makes my life so much easier. I’ve been using the Gold version, which deals with all of the personnel checks, RPE checks, timesheets, site register and exposure and can’t fault it.

‘It’s also means I have everything on an iPad rather than a huge site folder. Even on a short project it saves me a huge amount of time. I can’t wait for the full Platinum version, which will take care of plant and enclosure checks as well. I am confident it will be absolutely superb.’

Client name

Craig Toomer

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