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Case study: Horizon Environmental Ltd

Asbestos software case study


Horizon Environmental Ltd is a private, independent company led by a management team with many years of providing asbestos removal and environmental services to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Horizon has grown rapidly over the past five years, routinely undertaking very large complex projects. Horizon is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and the public. It believes in upholding practices that create long-term value, and which enhance Horizon’s reputation for honesty, integrity, and safety.


With the rapid growth of the company, came a demand for increased management control and supervision. The traditional approach of auditing on paper did not allow the company to identify trends, understand competence or even close-out non-conformances in a timely fashion.

The management team at Horizon needed a faster way of tracking, recording and sharing their data. The company had also built a reputation for its high standards of delivery and wanted to be able to track the effectiveness of their subcontractors to ensure this reputation continued to grow. Being able to demonstrate to its clients maintenance of these high standards was critical.


The Horizon team have found the use of the Assure360 system transformative. It provides a simple, centralised place to manage their audits effectively and has huge time-saving benefits for busy senior staff members. It is also simple enough that staff new to computer systems can also quickly master it. This has allowed senior supervisors to participate fully in the H&S management system.

The app also provides easy tracking and reporting data, helping to ensure the company can spot and resolve any issues early on and remain on track with targets and deadlines.

What the client said

“We have now been using the Assure360 system to manage our audits for nearly two years and I must say that it certainly does everything we need – helps us accurately manage competence, close out audits, measure trends and highlight re-occurring non conformances. The audit app is so easy to use that even my busiest contracts manager completes reports – as does my senior supervisor. The home page gives an instant health-check and reports are all done at the touch of a button. When you factor in the time saved – it has been a bit of a no-brainer”

Client name

Ben Ives

Client role

Managing Director

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