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Case Study: Amianto Services

Asbestos management case study


Amianto Services is fast growing to become one of the leaders in asbestos removal in North West England. Founded in 2017 as part of the Carroll Group, Amianto’s strategy is to achieve growth by building and maintaining a reputation for efficiency, safety, and excellence.

Key to this is the innovative and professional approach of Managing Director Tony Loughran, an 18-year veteran of the asbestos removal industry. Under Tony’s leadership, Amianto has already achieved milestones such as Alcumus SafeContractor accreditation, and a full Health and Safety Executive (HSE) asbestos removal licence, which for those who don’t know, enables the company to undertake high-risk asbestos removal work.


While many long-established asbestos removal companies struggle with outdated systems and legacy workflows, as a new company Amianto Services was able to begin with a blank slate. Given its ambitious strategy for growth, a core challenge would be to ensure that the company’s safety-critical checks and mandatory record-keeping could be managed in a streamlined and efficient way that would scale to support the growing business.

Tony Loughran was already familiar with the advanced auditing features of Assure360, and was keen to evaluate the system’s ability to help manage the workflows involved in running and growing the company. Specifically, Tony wanted to assess whether Assure360 Paperless could help him minimise the administrative overheads faced by his site supervisors and the back office team. Another key requirement would be that any system should help Tony and his team demonstrate their competence to the HSE during their initial asbestos removal licence application.


The Assure360 team was able to quickly demonstrate that Assure360 is an effective and streamlined management solution for today’s asbestos removal industry. Integrating auditing, trend analysis, competence and training needs with accident, incident and near-miss reporting, the suite provides the essential tools for effective asbestos removal and health and safety management. In addition, Amianto Services was quickly satisfied that the new Assure360 Paperless app was the tool it needed to help manage safety-critical checks and record-keeping, both at launch, and as the company grew and scaled up its operations.

Amianto Services became a full Assure360 customer, and the Assure360 team was quick to tailor the solution to support the efficient and thorough workflows Tony Loughran wanted to implement in the business. The team offered support in the run up to the critical licence application with the HSE, after which Amianto Services was immediately granted its first one year licence with no conditions. It remains on-hand to support Amianto as it further refines and improves its operations. In particular, using Assure360, Amianto will be able to provide all the evidence that the new licence regime could possibly demand – at the touch of a button.

What the client said

I’d had previous good experience with Assure360’s auditing capabilities, and thought from the outset that the suite might prove an invaluable tool as we built an efficient and streamlined asbestos removal company. The results have been fantastic – the software ticks all of our boxes, and Assure360 continues to add new features that fit really well with the way we want to work.

One of the best things about the Assure360 system is that the people are available, and always willing to help. They’re very knowledgeable, both from a programming perspective but also with their experience of the industry we work in. They’ve helped tailor the system to suit some specific requirements we had, and if anything ever comes up the team is straight on it. They were very supportive ahead of our HSE licence inspection, and the system really helped us demonstrate our competence.

As we grow, Assure360 is on hand to help train up our new staff. Assure360 Paperless is really proving its worth here, too. For us it was essential to avoid a situation where hiring more supervisors and operatives resulted in a log-jam of paperwork on site and back at the office. Paperless has helped us build smooth processes around our critical site checks and record keeping, and the app will be a fundamental part of helping us maintain quality and efficiency as we scale up.

On a personal level, I’m made up with it – and excited to think about what I can do next with our business.

Client name

● Tony Loughran

Client role

● Managing Director

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